Our team consists of senior software engineers with many years of experience in software development, design and implementation.

    All developers in our team are qualified engineers with certifications from Univeristy with wide range of experience, starting from simple web projects, over different mobile/android/IOS applications, including very complex industrial software solutions and medical information systems implemented in many medical institutions.

    The human factor is a fundamental aspect of our business. According to the unwritten IT law, the quality of the product is only as good as the team that produced it. That is why Diyomi soft’s capital asset is a team of united, like-minded professionals.

    Our team consists of experienced professionals who are employed on a full-time basis. Periodically, the company may hire contractors but these are mainly experts in specialized subject areas and technologies and instructors.

    The average age of our employees is 32 and the average experience in IT is 8 years. They are young, mentally nimble and well-versed in the latest technologies. Many of them started working with us as senior university students or right after graduation.

    Practically all our employees are certified specialists or masters in the field of IT, applied mathematics, mathematical physics and other IT related fields.

    Some of our colleagues teach at Universities or conduct scientific researches. It helps us maintain the academic qualification of our staff without distracting from the main project activity.

    Thanks to the high value placed on education, each member of our team is not just a coder, but a highly educated professional who has comprehensive knowledge and experience in all stages of the software development life cycle process.

    A typical Diyomi soft programmer is a universal specialist. Most employees have skills in a few specializations (project management, development using a few programming languages). It is a company policy is aimed at minimizing project risks connected with the resource supply.

    The Method

    Our HR policy is to grow own forces from the young and talented and people rather than hiring mature skilled experts from the street. Besides keeping employee turnover at a minimum, this strategy helps us to build strong professional project teams where everybody shares the Company’s values.

    Diyomi soft is constantly in touch with the city’s universities for selecting and training new employees as well as providing advanced training for existing staff. Instructions are delivered on a regular basis in the form of courses and seminars on various aspects of software development. Our subject matter experts are assigned to each department to provide ongoing teaching and learning process with the technical teams. Following the leading edge technology domain, they deliver training materials, manage skill upgrade process, create qualification tests, assess and teach prospective candidates. These activities ensure high proficiency levels of our teams.

    How It Works

    The Development Team is divided into functional groups depending on employees’ experience and skills. Role assignments are made according to the process selected for given the project. For medium- and large-sized projects, a project team consists of the following groups:

    • Management (project and group leaders);
    • Analysis and Design (system analysts and system architects);
    • Engineering (developers, database administrators);
    • Quality Assurance and Control (reviewers, testers, test designers);
    • Design and Usability (art designers, interface designers);
    • Infrastructure Support (system administrators who maintain network, source control system, defect tracking system, workspace and build environment);
    • Technical Writers and Translators.

    Project teams are formed on a components-and-roles basis, i.e. experts that belong to various function teams and a team leader are assigned to a certain project area. One team member can combine several roles if the scope of the component to be developed is relatively small. This principle of organizing project teams with the right experts enables the fastest development speed with the lowest number of bugs.

    We pride ourselves in high level of technical expertise and extensive hand-on experience of our software developers. Efficient team work and project management, along with effective communication with our clients, allow Diyomi soft to perform projects of the highest complexity and to have an individual approach to each Client. The Diyomi soft team prides itself on the quality and timeliness of its work, and is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions that exceed client expectations.