Clients & partners

    We are exclusive software development partner of NETICO Gmbh Switzerland. From our establishment we are also partner of Internetq SA Greece. Our clients are also companies from USA, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, Sweden, Greece, Canada, Belgium, Slovenia, Russia, Hungary… We offer our clients the highest quality and cost-efficiency services such as software testing, application reengineering and system migration.

    Client testimonials

    “Diyomi soft is InternetQ’s most important partner: we rely on them to maintain and enhance certain platforms and systems that they have built for us, and we also continue to turn to them to develop new services. Diyomi soft’s developers can build just about anything, but they are especially knowledgeable with web/mobile integration projects. Diyomi soft’s management and employees place a high priority on business ethics. They understand the sensitivity of confidential information and they never forget that their clients come first. I am proud of InternetQ’s long-standing partnership with Diyomi soft.”

      Panagiotis Dimitropoulos
      Founder & Executive Chairman
      InternetQ (Athens, Greece)

    “We selected Diyomi soft to build and deploy our next-generation Medical Information System based on their experience, professionalism and client references. They did not disappoint us. Our MIS was – and remains – one of the finest in Serbia and has helped us to improve the quality of our medical services while controlling costs.”

      Prof. Aleksandar Dimić, MDPhD
      General Manager
      Niska Banja Institute (Niš, Srbija)

    “We selected Diyomi soft based on their reputation for innovative and enterprise-grade MIS deployments at other Serbian hospitals and clinics. Diyomi soft delivered our custom MIS within the expected time frame and on budget. With Diyomi soft’s support, we continue to make enhancements to the MIS to ensure that it continues to meet our needs in the future.

      Prof. Zoran Perisic, MDPhD
      Clinical Director
      Cardiac Invasive Diagnostic Center (Niš, Srbija)

    “We had already done some work with Diyomi soft and knew the high quality of their work, but building the platform and website to support Akazoo.gr involved a much greater level of complexity. Prior to formal engagement, Diyomi soft helped us to scope out the project’s specifications and functionality, and out of that came a budget for the project.

    Throughout the design and build process, we were in daily communication with Diyomi soft. This allowed us to track progress as well as to make quick decisions when development and feature-level issues came up. The final product more than met our expectations. The Akazoo.gr platform has scaled seamlessly to support thousands of simultaneous users, and we continue to contract with Diyomi soft for day-to-day service issues as well as feature/functionality enhancements. Diyomi soft consistently delivers the latest technology solutions at a fair price and within deadline expectations. They have been a great partner for us.”

      Thodoris Kondilis
      Chief Development Officer
      Akazoo.gr (Athens, Greece)

    “We came to Diyomi soft with a challenging project, and they threw themselves into it with enthusiasm and dedication. The initial process of defining the various aspects of the project was key: this set accurate expectations on both sides as to the scope of the project and the associated level of effort. Once the build began, our product manager was in daily communication with Diyomi soft’s lead developer, allowing questions to be answered and issues resolved with minimal delay. This collaborative effort continued into the testing phase: on a daily basis, our team ran the wizard through rigorous use case testing and the Diyomi soft team then investigated and fixed any identified problems. This was the most productive software development project I have witnessed in my 20 years in technology.”

      Sean Mallon
      General Manager
      WirelessSavingsStore.com (Virginia, USA)

    “I have worked with Diyomi soft on several development projects over the years, so it was an easy decision to retain them again to help build the ZuluTrade website. As always, the Diyomi soft team was quick to understand what we wanted, and worked efficiently to deliver key functionality to power this new online business, on schedule and on budget. Diyomi soft stands out for me because of its “can do” attitude. I don’t recall ever bringing them a development challenge that they weren’t able to solve. This is the sign of good software guys.”

      Leon Yohai
      ZuluTrade.com (Athens, Greece)

    “I had done some earlier project work with Diyomi soft, so I was pleased when they came in with an impressive and aggressive bid to build the Klinkikfinder.de portal. After working closely with us in early 2008 to finalize the functional and technical requirements for the site, the Diyomi soft team began the build. They delivered milestones within our agreed-upon schedule, and we launched the portal successfully in mid-2008. Since 2008, we have retained Diyomi soft to build functional enhancements and to help us scale the platform to support our growing user base. Diyomi soft has always been able to assign development resources to us with minimal delay, and the quality of their work has been consistently outstanding. Diyomi soft offers best-of-breed software development, high ethical standards, and cost effective rates. Thanks to this combination of strengths, I recommend them strongly.”

    Diyomi soft pruža najviše tokom izrade softvera, visoke etičke standarde i efektivnu cenu. Zahvaljujući takvoj kombinaciji ja ih iskreno preporučujem.”

      Daniel Vorhauer
      Klinikfinder.de (Düsseldorf, Germany)

    “I was introduced to Diyomi soft in mid-2010 by one of its long-time clients. I was looking for an offshore development team that had the knowledge and intelligence to build a first-rate online store, but I was also looking for people that I liked and who were willing to give me reasonable rates. I found all of this and more in Diyomi soft.

    Diyomi soft began development work in October 2010 after conducting a careful review of our requirement specification. We soft launched InviteCharity.com in December 2010, and have continued to work with Diyomi soft the intervening months to make additions and enhancements to the site. Diyomi soft is not the first offshore development company I’ve worked with, but it has been the best…by far! Their attention to detail, willingness to ask questions, speed, ethics and price make them an excellent choice for any company, large or small, looking to outsource ITwork.”

      Bill Saedlo
      Invite Charity, Inc. (Florida, USA)