Quality and support policy



      Diyomi soft is a company specialized in innovative and mobile IT solutions on licensed and open developmental platforms. Our main focus is to offer long-term payable and maintainable software solutions of high quality (offshore development of software services/software outsourcing) for the companies and clients all around the world. We tend to improve the Quality of our services, as well as to understand and respect our clients’ wishes when creating new applications. We are focused on functionality, safety, reliability and other accompanying challenges our clients are facing with.


      The vision of Diyomi soft company is to present itself at the market as a successful, profitable and reliable company for developing different kinds of software with the idea to, by means of affordability and  long-term cooperation with the clients, constantly raise the level of our services aiming to meet the requirements and increase our customers’ satisfaction.

    Quality policy

      Diyomi soft is trying to constantly improve its work driven by its desire to increase its cusomers’  as well as its employees’ satisfaction.

      Quality policy of Diyomi soft company is based on the following principals:
      1. Our services fully meet the requirements of regulations, standards and expectancies of the clients.
      2. Top quality is achieved and realized with the simultaneous reduction in costs, increase of effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and profits.
      3. Quality managenet is one of the tasks and responsibility of the managers from all levels and each employee.
      4. Teamwork of the managers provides impeccable operation of all business processes.
      5. Planning, prevention and improvements are recognizable style of work in the organization.
      6. Development of the long-term partnership relation with the clients, users and deliverers.
      7. Harmonized sustainable development, protection of the environment, saving natural resources, safety and health protection during work present obligations of hte managers as well as of all the employees in Diyomi soft company.
      8. Climate of cooperation, trust and belonging to Diyomi soft company are based on involvement of the employees in creation and improvement of business processes and services.
      9. Implementation of this policy and achievement of new organizational culture and competence is supported by appropriate programmes of education, training and motivation of the employees.
      10. Review of the qualiy management system according to ISO 9001 by management is carried out in order to achieve continuous improvements.

    Support policy

      We offer technical support only to our customers via email. We will help you with issues regarding the installation, setup, modification and customization of your software.If you are not our customer and you need some generic information regarding our services or our company feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.Support HoursWe usually answer questions Monday to Friday, 9am- 5pm, Serbian time ( GMT +1 ). You will most likely get an answer within 24 hours on workdays.

      We only cover support for our software and we cannot give support that isn’t related to our software ( E.g. third party plugins etc).

    Bug Fixing

      It is our commitment to fix all template bugs as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention.

      If you discover any bug please contact us. Thank you!