About us

    Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Niš, Serbia, Diyomi soft delivers high-end software solutions to clients worldwide. We specialize in innovative web-based IT solutions that leverage licensed and opensource development platforms and tools. Our main focus is to deliver cost effective software solutions of high quality (offshore software development services/software outsourcing) to companies and clients worldwide.

    The main principles of our work are quality, efficiency, customers’ satisfaction as well as a high degree of customer confidentiality. We always practice the open policy with our clients. Please provide us with a detailed description or give us short information about project you would like to develop, and we will use all of our resources and proficiency to design a solution that would fit your needs and budget. We are interested in establishing a long-term term business relation with clients.

    Diyomi soft is a company specialized in innovative and mobile IT solutions on licensed and open developmental platforms. Our main focus is to offer long-term payable and maintainable software solutions of high quality (offshore development of software services/software outsourcing) for the companies and clients all around the world. We tend to improve the quality of our services, as well as to understand and respect our clients’ wishes when creating new applications. We are focused on functionality, safety, reliability and other accompanying challenges our clients are facing with.

    The vision of Diyomi soft company is to present itself at the market as a successful, profitable and reliable company for developing different kinds of software with the idea to, by means of affordability and long-term cooperation with the clients, constantly raise the level of our services aiming to meet the requirements and increase our customers’ satisfaction.

    E-mail: office@diyomisoft.com

    phone: +381184592066